Monogram siding

The Difference is Seamlessly Clear
Extra long, extra thick Monogram® 46L has the same great benefits as traditional Monogram, plus it reduces seams. With traditional 12’ siding panels, seams appear every two to three feet. Monogram’s longer length panels can significantly reduce seams. On a wall that’s 20’ wide, there are approximately 40 laps with a 12’ panel, with 16’panel; 26 laps (35% fewer), with Monogram 46L in 20’ length, 0 laps!

Two Classic Styles - Two Length Choices:
Double 4” Rough Cedar Clapboard, 16’‘’‘8” or 20’‘’‘
Double 5” Rough Cedar Dutchlap, 16’‘’’ or 20’‘’‘

TrueTexture™ rough cedar finish molded from real cedar boards
Patented STUDfinder™ is designed for accurate and secure installation
RigidForm™ 220 Technology has been tested to withstand wind load pressures up to 220 mph
CertiLock™ self-aligning, post-formed positive lock
Virtually maintenance free, never needs painting
3/4” panel projection
Heavy-duty .046” thickness
Class 1(A) fire rating
Lifetime limited warranty
Works with traditional length Monogram 46 siding

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